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Terms and conditions

The domain name (hereinafter referred to as "Website") is owned by Poofed Clothing India Private Limited a company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 with its registered office at 513, 5th floor, Palms 2, Royal Palms Estate, Mayurnagar, Aarey Colony, Goregaon East, Mumbai 400065, Maharashtra India (hereinafter referred to as "Poofed Clothing").

Thank you for being connected with Poofed Clothing. By using our services or the merchandise, hereby, you have agreed upon our terms and conditions. For additional questions (not addressed below), please contact the Poofed Clothing team.

User agreement

  1. You agree that- you are the owner of the information, trademarks and logos, and hold the copyrights of the same, which you share on your campaign through And otherwise, you agree to present Poofed Clothing with evidence of valid permissions from the actual owner

  2. You agree to provide required amount of factual information with regards to your campaign and not provide any false information of any respect

  3. You agree to hold Poofed Clothing unrelated towards any legal violation arising from or relating to the usage of Poofed Clothing merchandise

  4. You agree that any trademarks, logos, service marks and copyrights put to use in your campaign, are well in compliance with the restrictions and conditions imposed on the use of Licensed Rights

  5. You agree that upon acknowledgment of any claim which does not fall in line with Poofed Clothing policy, Poofed Clothing holds the sole authority and discretion of taking a decision, of disassociating itself from any ties with you or your campaign.

  6. You agree that Poofed Clothing is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage, lost profits or other consequences occurred in the event of following the agreement or your use of Poofed Clothing services.

  7. You agree that the literature, expression, insignia etc. used in your campaign are not in violation of the law, Poofed Clothing policy and are not offensive to a third party.

  8. You agree that Poofed Clothing hereby holds the authority to disclose your contact information to a third party that satisfactorily persuades the violation of intellectual property.

  9. You hereby, accept to abide by the policy/Terms of Services of Poofed Clothing in whole.

  10. You agree not to influence the potential customers and avoid solicitation, apart from the purchase of the primary merchandise

By violating the user agreement, you hence, would be subject to disassociation with Poofed Clothing and any other benefits linked to it.

Intellectual Property Policy

Poofed Clothing, hereby, forbids the violation and infringement of third party intellectual property rights.

Though Poofed Clothing does not arbitrate on disputes, it takes complaints related to Intellectual property infringement seriously. However, this would only be subject to parties which exclusively own the rights of the intellectual property in question.

In case, you believe that the content/ merchandise of a particular campaign infringes into the intellectual property space of a third party please contact the Poofed Clothing team. Upon presenting convincing evidence, Poofed Clothing team would provide your contact information to the particular campaign owner. If the campaign owner does not co-operate or contact you to resolve the issue - Poofed Clothing holds the sole authority and discretion of taking a decision, of disassociating itself from the campaign.

If you believe that the Intellectual property rights have been compromised upon, in any of the campaigns, please reach us out at

Please also help us with the following information (in PDF format)

  1. Full contact information of the complainant

  2. Physical/electronic signature of the owner of Intellectual Property that has been infringed upon

  3. URL of the Poofed Clothing campaign in question

  4. Parts of the campaign (logo/trademark/content) that have been infringed upon

  5. Proof of ownership of Intellectual Property that has been infringed upon

  6. A statement that – you believe that items of the campaign, above mentioned, have been used without appropriate authority and such misuse of information legally amounts to infringement of intellectual property rights.

  7. A statement, under penalty of perjury, that the information attested by you, is complete and accurate and that you are the owner or have been authorized to act on behalf of the owner on the right that is allegedly infringed.

It’s often noticed that Advertisement and Promotional campaigns are inspired by campaigns. But Poofed Clothing does not endorse duplication of campaigns under any circumstances.

Hence, we accept concerns and complaints notifying the duplication of a campaign or infringement of content/logo/copyright – by the owner/ authorized person of the content in question.

Upon presenting convincing evidence Poofed Clothing would notify the concerned parties and further, might as well disassociate itself from the campaign – which might lead to termination of the account and connection with Poofed Clothing.

If you believe your campaign is being used/duplicated, in an unauthorized way - please contact us, also, provide the below information

  1. URL of your original work

  2. List of items duplicated

  3. Original date of the launch of your campaign

  4. URL of the campaign allegedly duplicated.

Point to note

The artwork, samples, fonts, content and other information present in Poofed Clothing library is the property of Poofed Clothing India Pvt Ltd. It’s available for you to generate your campaign; however, that does not entitle you to any-kind of authority over the material or any of its reproductions.