Angular Spring Boot

Setting up Angular project environment

1. Angular CLI Installation:-

    • Angular CLI is required to create project, generate code library and application as well for testing, deployment and bundling.
    • Npm is used for installing Angular CLI
    - Cmd Command :- npm install -g @angular/cli

2. Workspace & Angular application creation:-

    • Go to desirable location in system directory via cmd command.
    • Use CLI Command (ng new) and give the required project name (e.g., - my-new-app)
    - Cmd Command:- ng new my-new-app
    • ng new command will prompt features/libraries to be included for initial app creation. Press enter to accept the same.

3. Run Application command:-

    • Go to the project location via cmd.
    • Execute command as below to start the server.
    - Cmd command: - cd my-new-app
    - Cmd command: - ng serve –o/--open
    - --o will automatically open the pre-installed angular server on port- 4200 (http://localhost:4200/)

4. Create new component in project:-

    • Always prefer to create new component with in a common directory.
    • This helps in maintaining the project structure.
    • Helpful for programmer to navigate easily with in project
    • Easy in development and code readability.
    • To create component use CLI command (ng g c/ ng generate component) and give the required component name (Header/ Common/Header).
    - Cmd command:- ng g c Common/Header

5. To update type script of project for specific version:-

    • To resolve type script version specific error, below command help in working
    - Cmd command: - npm i –save -dev typescript@3.x.x

6. To uninstall Type script of project: -

    • Below command help in working
    - Cmd command:- npm uninstall typescript

7. Force update the project:-

    • This helps in maintaining the project updated.
    - Cmd command:- ng update –all --force

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